Oolong Tea vs Green Tea

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The humble yet mighty beverage created with the infusion of dried tea leaves in hot water is consumed by each of us for a myriad of reasons. Initially touted as a health beverage, several consumers still drink it for exactly that reason. 

It may aid in their overall health and they are making healthier life choices. For others it may be that they just love the aroma, texture and taste of this beautiful concoction. 

Every person has their own reason when it comes to drinking this fine beverage. 

Today, we focus on two varieties of tea to answer the following question: should I be drinking Green tea or Oolong tea? 

We can’t exactly decide for you, but based on your needs we can give you the facts and some choice recommendations. 


Oolong Tea vs Green Tea Health Benefits​

Green Tea retains a higher amount of antioxidants as compared to Oolong tea it is the second least processed of all teas. 

These antioxidants help combat free radicals in the body and reduce the risk of numerous chronic conditions surfacing. Although Oolong Tea also contains rich antioxidants, Green Tea possesses the best kind: Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). 

Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is a unique plant compound that gets a lot of attention for its potential positive impact on health. It’s thought to reduce inflammation, aid weight loss, and help prevent heart and brain disease.

On average, one cup of brewed Green Tea contains up to 200 mg of EGCG. It is proven that those who drank most Green Tea had a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, Green Tea EGCG content can prevent atherosclerosis. On the other hand, Oolong Tea can also help improve one’s daily way of life, just not quite similar to Green Tea. 

Drinking Oolong Tea has helped improve skin, and balance blood sugar levels. 


The Taste - Oolong Tea vs Green Tea​

​Both loose leaf teas undoubtedly taste great but some may prefer loose leaf O long tea due to its aroma and distinct texture while others may prefer Loose leaf Green tea due to its balanced vegetative notes and earthy tones. Only you can decide your preference by trying both tea types and see which one appeals to you. You might just find that you prefer them both in which case you can indulge in the best of both worlds. 


Which is the best Tea?​

​When it comes to your morning cuppa, everyone has different preferences. While Oolong tea is less popular than Green Tea, both have desired health benefits. 

After Black Tea, Green Tea became the next big thing in tea trends over time, but Oolong tea is gaining popularity and is making its way into the books of tea connoisseurs all over the world. 

There are so many types of flavors to Green teas and Oolong teas that one could actually develop a taste for both. 

If you are an avid tea lover, there is no going back on how many tea types you may have on your shelf, and this pretty much sums up the debate. 

The best way of deciding which loose leaf tea is for you, be experimental and be bold and try the flavors that speak to you. Find the tea that tingles your taste buds, the one that makes you feel warm and wholesome inside and the one that is your perfect companion on a cold wintry night. Be bold and embrace the adventure of the journey of discovery!

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