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Darjeeling, in India is known for its loose leaf teas and for having one of the most valued black teas in the world. It is unlike any other tea and is characterized by its taste, appearance, and its method of production. Read more to know about its specialty and the health benefits of drinking Darjeeling tea.


What is unique about Darjeeling tea?

Initially, Darjeeling only produced black teas, however, nowadays several tea estates are experimenting with alternative varieties. All of them share a unique and distinctive Darjeeling character. Darjeeling tea is different from any other black tea as it is not fully fermented. A good indicator of fermentation is colour. The darker the colour, the more fermented the tea leaves. The Darjeeling tea bush features smaller leaves and a potent aroma. Darjeeling tea has three flushes (harvesting periods) which are spring, summer, and autumn, and it can have 2 mediate flushes. Autumnal flush leaves are typically used for mixing into different blends.


Caffeine content

The caffeine content in tea is directly related to the amount of processing and hence the type of tea. As black tea is the most processed of all varieties it contains the highest amount of caffeine. Green and White teas contain lesser caffeine content as they are less processed varieties.


Benefits of drinking Darjeeling tea

All black teas have various benefits. However, every tea is different, and so the beneficial compounds depends on the harvest, the way you store your tea, and the way you brew it.

Here are a few health benefits of drinking Darjeeling tea

Boosts immune system Antioxidants present in black tea helps reduce oxidative stress that causes cellular damage. Cellular damage can further lead to many health problems, including cancer, heart diseases, and aging.

Helps with weight loss

Drinking Darjeeling tea may help with weight loss as well. Research shows that polyphenols in black tea have anti-obesity properties. They may help reduce the calories and help burn fat.

Helps in Regulating blood pressure

According to research drinking black tea may also help with lowering blood pressure and reducing the risk of stroke or kidney damage.

Improves bone density

An additional benefit of drinking black tea maybe its help in increasing bone density. This reduces the risk of osteoporosis. Research shows that black tea may be especially beneficial to women in such cases.

Reduces the risk of Parkinson’s disease

Black teas are believed to be more beneficial than green teas in combatting Parkinson’s disease. Due to caffeine and other compounds found in black tea, such as the arubigins and theaflavins, the risk of suffering from Parkinson’s disease may be reduced.


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